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Empowering Trauma Recovery Counselling/Coaching One-on-Ones, Groups,


Professional Organisations - Reclaim Your Strength,

Heal Your Wounds, 

and Build a Resilient Future.


Working with individuals & organisations worldwide on trauma response 

Customised Programs

Focused on intergenerational trauma and abuse and is designed to provide a safe and supportive environment for individuals to heal and recover from traumatic experiences.

By addressing the complex and ongoing effects of trauma, these programs can help individuals build resilience and regain a sense of control over their lives.

One on One Coaching

In-person or Virtual sessions designed to help individuals who have experienced trauma, abuse, or other adverse life events to heal and recover.

Each session provides a way to heal intergenerational trauma and abuse offering a range of therapeutic approaches to help individuals process their experiences and develop coping strategies.


This program will help your staff increase their understanding of trauma, become more aware of the impact it has on people and the workplace, and ultimately improve productivity and culture.

Providing key solution in reducing workplace incidences of stress and burnout. 

About Me and My Personalised Recovery Programs

Thriving beyond trauma, how my customised recovery programs can improve your mental and emotional wellbeing to create successful relationships and career success.

Meet Janelle Parsons

A highly accomplished individual who has made a tremendous impact in the field of trauma-informed counselling, recovery programs, and domestic violence prevention.

 As a counselor, author, and advocate, I am dedicated to helping individuals who have experienced intergenerational trauma and abuse, and I am deeply committed to creating safe and empowering spaces for survivors of trauma and domestic violence.

I draw from my own personal experience as a domestic violence survivor, as well as my extensive education and professional training, to develop innovative and effective recovery programs called House Of No Shadows (HONS). 

 My work is grounded in the belief that healing from trauma requires an approach that addresses the emotional, psychological, and physical needs of survivors.

Through my counseling practice, I provide individuals and group therapy that incorporates evidence-based trauma-informed practices. 

I am a passionate advocate for domestic violence prevention and have been recognised for my advocacy efforts. As a mother, I am deeply invested in creating a world that is safe and just for all children and families.

Those who I have worked with me have said that their experience was nothing short of transformative, and my commitment to creating a better world for survivors of trauma is truly inspiring.

Recovering from


It's important to remember that

 every step, no matter how small,

is a step in the right direction.

You are strong and resilient, 

and even in the midst of your pain,

 you have the power to heal

and move forward. It's okay to

 take your time and go at your own pace.

The healing process is unique to

each individual, and there is

 no right or wrong way to do it.

What matters most is that 

you are making an effort to heal

and grow.

Remember that you are not defined 

by your trauma.

It's a part of your story,

 but it does not have to control

 your future.

 You have the power to

shape your own narrative and

 create a life that is filled with joy, love, and purpose.


Check what our clients say about us

Janelle draws from own experience and provides invaluable information about different types of trauma and how to identify negative patterns.

Janelle guides you on how to break free from the cycle of violence and move forward to a place of healing and wholeness.

Its my pleasure to recommend HONS.

Karen Marsh

MA Counselling, BA psychology

Grad neuropsychotherapy, grad gestalt

pacfa clinical #28250

Janelle's programs provide consumers with a unique and powerful opportunity to grow from a trauma space into the field of healing.

HONS workshops explore hard but necessary topics to challenge thinking and provide growth in a supportive environment to ultimately break the cycle, It will help you explore what emotions are and create new healthy patterns.

Jessica Dixon

Domestic and Family violence support Worker

Janelle gave me an insight into what was holding me back.

She gave me healing techniques to use help me address my situation.

I learnt a deeper understanding of myself and the trauma I lived. 

I am now in a place of acceptance, forgiveness and I'm learning the value of me.

I now feel stronger as a woman and a mother. 

Nat D