house of shadows

This book is a dance between the shadows that taunt and play games contrasted with the want to live a life free of fear and full of passion.

House of Shadows is a powerful, inspiring memoir of one woman's journey to achieve what most would think impossible.

Janelle Parsons

House of Shadows

Not only an important memoir, but a powerful tool to inspire you to build resilience, break the cycle of generational abuse, and heal from within.

cutting ties

The most pivotal point in your journey. Cutting ties to the darkness leads the way to taking your first breath of freedom.

the escape

What do you want your new life to be? How do you see your future? How do you want to feel? Everything is possible and you CAN live the limitless life you’ve dreamed of.

Darkness Descends

When abandonment, shame, guilt, loss and fear have a strangle hold on your life, the darkness can usher in the possibility of light if we have the courage and the comfort that you’re not alone

Facing Your Reality

In order to create change, you have to face the choices you’ve made. Finding acceptance from within is the path to self love and the freedom from your own house of shadows.

House of Shadows

House of Shadows is a powerful, inspiring memoir of one woman's journey to set herself free and to achieve what most would think impossible.

“ My life was a complicated mixture of fear, happiness, distrust, joy, darkness, control and desire for something better.”

- Janelle Parsons, House of Shadows

how this book can help

House of Shadows is for those on a journey of self discovery within and post domestic violence, generational abuse and childhood or adulthood trauma.

Those of you who may know someone going through it and those of you who have also been the ones to cause the trauma.

We are all going through this together at some point our pain has either guided us to heal or to become the pain we feel.

You will learn to see the patterns and understand them.

Your thoughts and feelings of abandonment and self sabotage will become lighter as you forgive your path

You will gain the tools you need in your life toolbox to have the courage to reflect and start to let go of the restraints that hold you back that only you can see.

As when you lock away your shadows they grow when you set them free you begin to breathe, dance and no longer watch and wait for the shadows.

“ Forgive yourself, love yourself. Be proud that you have the power and ability within you to escape your house of shadows ”

Janelle Parsons

Hi, I’m Janelle,

I’m a mother, author, businesswoman, domestic violence spokeswoman.

I credit reaching a place of unconditional love for myself as being the beacon of light on my path to happiness, ultimately giving me the ability to accept and forgive myself and others. I now confidently and proudly empower others to do the same.

I have a way of bringing attention to the things that may have been buried for so long, things you never knew were there. My process is calm and concise, so you can be guided to release old ways that don't serve you to move forward.

I understand the great heartache that comes from childhood and adult trauma.
Having overcome my own House of Shadows, I know how to shine a light on even the toughest topics that will help lift you out of your own darkness.

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